What exactly are wall decals?

Wall decals—also known as wall stickers, wall graphics, wall appliques, and even wall clings are typically very thin sheets of vinyl with one printed side and one adhesive side. They stick flat to walls and other surfaces without the use of nails or glue.

How do your wall decals work? 

Our wall decals and wall stickers use a unique adhesive that adheres firmly to smooth surfaces, but also releases easily and cleanly without removing your paint or leaving behind any sticky residue. The backing also stays sticky no matter how many times you move the wall decals, so you can change them over and over again until you've found that perfect spot or configuration.

Where can I place my wall decal? 

The answer is every smooth surface you can think of. You can peel and stick our  wall decals on any flat, finished surface in your home. They can be safely applied to flat walls and ceilings, doors, sealed wooden furniture, cabinets, counter tops… even your car! And because our wall decals are waterproof, you can even put them in your bathtub or shower.

Is application easy?

Yes! It's as easy as peel and stick! Our decals are totally customizable and can be cut or repositioned to fit even in the smallest spaces. Use your imagination and get creative! Even though some of our wall decals come with directions, you don’t have to follow them. Apply each sticker to your wall or surface of choice and move it around until you’re happy with the placement. Don’t like the resulting design? Simply peel it off the wall and start over again!

Why choose our wall decals over other brands? 

Our wall decals are anything by ordinary (not to mention 100% safe for kids). 

How do I remove my wall decals? 

Removal is just as easy as application. To remove, start at a corner and slowly peel the decal from the wall or surface, moving toward the center of the wall decal until it is free from the wall. Pulling too hard, too fast may cause your wall decal to stretch. 

How do I store my wall decals if I want to save them for later?

If there's a possibility that you'll need to remove your wall decals, either to move them to a new location or to save them for re-use at a later date, we recommend saving the liners that come in the original packaging. You can re-apply the decals to the liners, roll them up, and store them wherever you please.

If you do not have the original liners, wax or parchment paper also works very well for this purpose.

How can I contact Colorful Decals?

You can contact us at anytime via email at support@colorfuldecals.com or use our contact form found here.

Will I receive tracking information for my order?

Yes. Tracking information for your order will be provided once the order has shipped.

Do you offer free shipping? 

Yes! We offer free shipping worldwide on all orders big or small. 

Can I return or exchange my wall decal? 

Yes! We offer a 30 day return policy. Exchanges only apply if items are defective or damaged. You can read more about our return policy here

If my order is damaged in transit, what do I do? 

While extremely uncommon, damaged packages can happen. If you should receive a shipment in which the contents were damaged in transit, please contact us at support@colorfuldecals.com. We will arrange to send a new order.